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Whirlpool in the sky  

Whirlpool in the sky

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Whirlpool in the sky
Description: @ Port Campbell National Park - near 12 Apostles.

This is just an experiment on Star Trails - though I am not very much satisfied with the results here; but thought of sharing with you all.
You won't get too many opportunities to see clear sky without clouds, moon and city lights - and so if you get one snap, it is bound to make you happy :-)
I wasn't fully prepared for a star trail attempt that night - but when I saw millions of stars in the sky, I thought of giving a try. I was aware of the moonrise time for that day and made up my mind. It was freezing cold with temp around 2-3 degrees. Did a quick math (explained in settings below) and started off. In this case, I didn't have the privilege of getting a cloudless sky - the intermittent breaks in the continuous trails are due to clouds.

Star trail photography is done in two ways:
Simplest way is to have a single exposure for minutes / hours (be very careful - this may result in pixel burn-outs in your camera sensor).
The other way is to have intermittent breaks, take multiple shots without moving your camera and then blend them in your computer to achieve the result. I used this technique here.

Settings used:
Tripod :-)
Timer cable (programmable)
Manual focus
Bulb mode (which allows exposure beyond 30 seconds)
Daylight as white balance (can't explain why - read in various forums that it helps)
Long exposure noise reduction - turned off
Photo review function - turned off
ISO 100
Aperture F/4 @ 10mm on 40D (this helps in getting stars with very less brightness)
Programmed for around 30 snaps with exposure time as 4 minutes and 1 second sleep between the shots (all programmed in the Timer cable)

Processing done:
Opened all the raw files in Adobe Camera Raw and increased the "Fill Light" to around 50% for the snaps. Rejected the snaps which were completely dark
(due to cloud coming in). Then opened all these pics in different layers and chose "Lighten" as the blending method. Then increased the contrast a

Due to the cold weather and due to clouds coming in, I couldn't try more than once - had to be satisfied with this.
Keywords: শান্তনু, শান্তনু বণিক, কপিরাইট: শান্তনু বণিক, © শান্তনু বণিক, शान्तनु, शान्तनु बणिक, © शान्तनु बणिक, Santanu, Santanu Banik, Canon, Digital Photography, The Eternity, © Santanu Banik, 2011, Australia, Canon_10-22, EF-S_10-22mm_f/3.5-4.5_USM, Canon 60D, Canon EOS 60D, Landscape, Wide, Wide Angle, Port Campbell National Park, The Great Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Stars, Night, Star-Trails, Star Trail, Star Trail Photography
Date: 27.09.2011 06:45
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Caption writer: Santanu Banik
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Byline: Santanu Banik
Credit: Santanu Banik
Date created: 24.09.2011
Keywords:, Santanu Banik, The Eternity Photography
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All Rights Reserved

Date created: 24.09.2011 23:06:04

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